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Pre-emptive risk management – dealing with uncertainty before it has a chance to bite!

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

In our unpredictable world, high performance today is no guarantee for tomorrow - and lag performance indicators such as outcomes and outputs have limited value. Likewise, managing the risks we can already see is a partial response to uncertainty. It’s no accident that major failures almost always involve risks we did not see, did not understand or failed to prepare for. The message is very clear: The risks we should worry about most are the risks that are NOT in our risk register!

Unfortunately complex issues and risks that are the root causes almost all avoidable failures are often hard to see, understand or to document in standard risk registers. So simply working harder to find and manage risks will never be enough by itself. It can create false confidence that we are managing risk well, while leaving us vulnerable to major failures.

In that context, Pre-emptive Risk Management is key. It provides leaders with the insights they need to be able to make the decisions today that eliminate or reduce risks that we have not recognised and even those that have not yet emerged.

Pre-Emptive Risk Management is a core element of Systemic Enterprise Risk Management (SERM) – RiskIQ's modern, systems-thinking alternative to the software-based Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) frameworks used by most organisations today.

Do you want to reduce churn and crisis management? Do you struggle to make clear, focused decisions, in the face of work overload and constantly changing challenges?

Your next step is to complete RiskIQ’s free preview of its Proactive-agility Survey.

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