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RiskIQ's unique, systemic

Proactive-agility Framework

Five integrated elements, one coherent approach

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Be ready for tomorrow. Today.

Systemic Risk Leadership

Effective leadership in highly complex or uncertain situations requires "systems thinking" capabilities, skills and behaviours.

Some can be taught and practised. Others are part of emotional maturity and adult development.


​'Systemic risk leadership’ is the enabler of and underpinning for capability agility.

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Capability-agility feedback

Proactive-agility Attributes Chart
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In a fast-changing and unpredictable world our organisation’s capabilities cannot be static.   


No matter how good it is today, it will fail tomorrow if it does not adapt.  No matter what its weaknesses are, it can  succeed tomorrow if it proactively adapts its capabilities.


In an uncertain world, proactive-agility of an organisation's capabilities is the most powerful lead indicator for future success.


"How proactively agile is the capability of your organisation or project?"

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Systemic Enterprise Risk Management (SERM)

SERM is a new approach to enterprise-wide risk management.  


It embeds systems thinking decision-support disciplines into business-as-usual work.  

It seeks to maximise benefits and outcomes from the uncertainties faced, rather than just managing threats

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Organisational System Design

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Leading ongoing, agile, change to complex organisational systems is challenging.

Change is often stop-start.  More-of-the-same outcomes are common.

Applied systems thinking supports rapid, repeatable ways to continually adapt organisations as complex systems.  

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Applied Systems Thinking Support Network

RiskIQ provides you with open access to a network of highly capable people with a shared interest in dealing well with complexity, uncertainty and change.


Many of them have the same or similar challenges to you. Sharing and collaboration can help you move faster, better, safer.

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Permanently lift the proactive-agility of your organisation

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