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Case Studies

Revitising risk management thinking and practice...


A large, well- established Government Department with national and international responsibilities and over 3,000 staff distributed across many locations. Responsibilities include policy advice to Government, monitoring and managing related international obligations, engaging with many and diverse stakeholder groups including indigenous communities and delivery of front-line services to the broader community.

Using risk conversations to drive change..

In the Department of Lands & Planning (NT), risk leadership thinking and tools were used to challenge silos of work and to support a more positive, adaptive culture across the whole organisation. This was a highly effective change strategy, because risk leadership conversations helped decision makers to understand how their own behaviours could be sources of risk to success. 

Driving strategy and performance using risk dialogue..

The client engaged RiskIQ to help them to lift their risk management capability to better deal with the complexities faced in major projects. Part of the challenge was to avoid simply reinforcing current inadequate processes.

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