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Manager Audit & Risk, of a large Public Service organisation


RiskIQ collaborated with the Manager in developing a new strategic risk management process and risk register, to replace the (failed) traditional approach they had been using.

“ This was the best personal professional development I have ever had ”.

CEO of Public Health organisation

After an organisational capability and systemic risk diagnostic, in the context of their Strategic Plan.  The work was primarily with the Executive and the Board and included risk reviews of several major strategic initiatives.

“Thank you.  I am not easily impressed, and you have delivered 100% of what you promised and in a more nuanced way than I expected.   We would not have got to where we are without you".

Project Risk workshop participants

RiskIQ facilitated a one-day project strategic risk review of a major infrastructure project in NT, using its unique “Holistic Risk Inquiry Workshop” process.

Participant A: 

“ This was the best project strategy day I have had in a long time.”  

Participant B:  

“We did not mention probability even once, yet we had a great strategic risk conversation".

External Auditor of a large NZ Public sector organisation

RiskIQ partnered with this organisation to implement a modern systems leadership approach to risk management, after it was criticised for poor risk management capability in an external review.  18 months later, there was an independent progress review.

“ There has been a significant improvement in the last 18 months.  The risk management approach now being taken seems to me to be leading best practice in the public sector.” 

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