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Designing whole organisations: An essential leadership skill

Have you ever been involved in designing or implementing significant organisational changes? It’s important, challenging work.

Even when you have a clear organisational strategy and vision for future success, it may not be easy to specify the organisational capabilities required or how those capabilities can be enabled through a combination of structure, culture, policies, processes, skills and people.

Most leaders have not been taught how to design organisations as an integrated whole, so they fall back on narrow solutions such as new structures. This can create an impetus for change but not in a designed, integrated or wholistic way. Almost always it leads to cycles of imposed change, chaos, a period of settling down and then the need for change again. More-of-the-same. Sound familiar?

Designing and then implementing wholistic, integrated organisational changes is not nearly as difficult as most leaders think. It can be both fast and effective, reducing the chaos created by cycles of ineffective change. RiskIQ Global’s System-of-Systems Design Method is a proven approach enabling continuous, proactive adaptation as part of business as usual.

Not sure? Try RiskIQ’s free Preview Capability Agility Survey to gain insights into how capable your organisation is of adapting quickly and effectively.

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