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RiskIQ’s Proactive-agility Survey
a proven tool enabling proactive change

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Proactive capability agility is crucial.  You need to know now, what to change for tomorrow.


RiskIQ’s Proactive-agility Maturity Model defines five levels of proactive agility.


The Proactive-agility Attributes Chart brings together the elements needed for proactive-agility.


Together they provide the basis for the Proactive-agility Survey.

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RiskIQ’s Proactive-agility Maturity Model

In our fast-changing world, traditional KPIs are not good indicators of capability to perform in the future.


Maturity models based on traditional standards or benchmarks also don’t work.


An organisation’s true capability lies deep in its systems, culture and people.  It reveals itself over time through the ability to learn and adapt faster than the environment around it. 


In a rapidly changing and unpredictable world, proactive-agility of capability is the best lead-indicator of both organisational maturity and future performance.

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Proactive-agility Maturity Model
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A new concept of maturity for a complex, fast-changing world

Proactive-agility Attributes of an effective organisation

Proactive-agility Attributes Chart
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Organisations are complex systems, facing a fast changing and unpredictable world.


Superficial measures and indicators and especially those that tell us about past performance, are not enough to assess capability or to predict future performance.


Each organisation is different.  Yet we can identify shared underlying systemic attributes that tell us how well it is set up to succeed in its own unique context and for its specific purpose, vision and strategy. 


Those same attributes can be used to assess any organisation’s capability and maturity.

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The RiskIQ Proactive-agility Survey

Proactive-agility Survey

RiskIQ’s Proactive-agility Survey is a feedback mechanism for the Proactive-agility Framework. 


It provides lead-indicator feedback and enables the insights needed to continuously and proactively adapt, without first experiencing avoidable failures and crises.


The diagram shown here is a Proactive-agility Profile produced from the survey.  It shows relative strengths and weaknesses, and enables a deep analysis of the specific root-cause factors that are holding current performance in place.

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Anchor Preview Survey

Proactive-agility Preview Survey

Free, no obligation

RiskIQ's Proactive-agility Preview Survey is free, short, sharp and highly informative.  Find out more and access the survey.

We’ll analyse your responses and get back to you quickly with observations and questions.    


Even though it’s only a short preview survey, we’re pretty sure you will be surprised at the depth of the insights that can be generated when the right kinds of questions are asked.​

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