Our Clients

RiskIQ works as a catalyst for effective leadership and decision making in uncertainty, anywhere we are needed.  We work at any level in and across organisations, programs and projects and at any level from the Boardroom to the front desk.   At any one time we are likely to be helping leaders to:

      • understand their strategic and systemic risks and to develop focused, best value responses to risk as a whole rather than one risk at a time.
      • implement contemporary, Systemic Risk Leadership risk frameworks.
      • understand and manage strategic, systemic risks across multiple organisations, functions or complex programs.
      • assess the risk management maturity of their organisation, for effective leadership and best-practice decision making when facing uncertainty and complexity.
      • develop new levels of risk leadership and decision  making capability.
      • educate their people, and to move culture, thinking, behaviour and performance.

Examples of current and recent clients include:

We also collaborate in joint research activities, in academic programs and with leading professional organisations, such as those shown here.