Owners of Complex Projects


RiskIQ enables complex projects to be successful 

RiskIQ provides project stakeholders with a new perspective on risk and uncertainty in complex projects.  Using applied systems thinking the focus is moved from reacting to identifiable threats to project objectives to a more positive approach that aims to take advantage from uncertainty and to maximise outcomes.

We apply Systemic Risk Analysis to identify and understand the underlying drivers of project performance.  We conduct “Red Team Reviews” and carry out risk analysis at key project gateways.   Our project risk adjusted cost estimation process (PRACE) provides enhanced project cost estimates at any stage of the project life cycle.

RiskIQ facilitates robust project dialogue that opens up previously hidden issues, develops shared understanding of what is going on and creates new insights that lead to effective action.

The unique RiskIQ Risk Leadership Framework provides a “whole system” approach to governance of uncertainty.   It overcomes the limitations of standard risk management approaches to ensure risks of all types can be managed.