Consultants – More effective and unique client services

If you are a consultant particularly in risk management or organizational development, RISK IQ can work with you to provide the specialized analysis services to enable you to accurately pin point areas in an organisation that would benefit from management attention and resources. Our role is to help you provide effective services to complement your existing services and to find new clients.  Generally speaking, consultants whether internal or independent consultants working in the areas of risk and organizational development can use RISK IQ to provide unique and more effective services. We support consultants in four ways – investigation, facilitation, design and education.

Investigation – use our online service to diagnose areas that need attention
The easiest entry point is to use our free survey tool to collect feedback on peoples’ experiences in the workplace.  RISK IQ uses this to identify areas in the organisation that would benefit from management focus and resources.  This initial analysis can be provided from our offices – there is no need at this stage to do any more than use us to see where and how you need to work with your client or employer to improve performance in uncertainty.  Costs vary according to the number of responses involved – typically 2 man-days for a project team for example where up to two dozen people do the survey (we don’t need everyone to do the survey, just a reasonable sample – contact us for your specific case.

Facilitation – creating the environment for effective discussion
If any intervention is to succeed, there needs to be open conversations that open up previously hidden issues, develops shared understanding of what is going on and creates new engagement across teams and stakeholder groups. Traditionally, we have done this ourselves, but we are able to support people locally with self-facilitation packs and training.

Design – ensure that processes and culture support each other
We apply systems thinking to complex business and organisational challenges so that sustainable solutions are identified and implemented.  Instead of repeating the cycles of the past, leaders are able to ensure that processes and culture support each other.

Education – working effectively in uncertainty
We provide training workshops for consultants on “Understanding and Working on Organisational Risk” and for people wishing to become a RISK IQ Affiliate, “Risk Leadership Frameworks and Strategies”.

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