Associate engagement

RiskIQ is a catalyst for very capable people to work together, to help clients get the best possible outcomes even when facing highly complex, difficult and ever ‘wicked’ challenges.  This is not easy work.  To make this possible, RiskIQ’s business model is focused on bringing highly capable together, with clients.

Our Associates have choices and often have more than one workplace and work focus.  Some combine Board work with consulting, with looking after aged parents and with semi-retirement.   All RiskIQ Associates value flexibility, learning and change.

In that context, an employment model would not work.  Instead RiskIQ has a network of Associates, linked by simple, clear MOUs that enable to work together to shared outcomes.  Our values also hold us together with a focus on win-win for clients, Associates and RiskIQ as a business.

RiskIQ Associates are united through a common commitment to mutual professional growth, high ethical standards, and a unique collaborative business model through which Associates deliver excellent service, improved value and better outcomes for all stakeholders.

Associates of RiskIQ are attracted to it because it helps them to work with other capable, collegial professionals who are often also friends.   At the heart of this is shared ethos and shared values.

Our RiskIQ Associates:

  • understand that the world is complex and that we cannot control everything that matters (nor do we want to, it would be very boring).
  • value taking a ‘soft-systems’ thinking view of complex challenges
  • use practical, useful ‘applied systems thinking’ tools and methods that real leaders can apply to good effect, in real time
  • are happy to work as professional colleagues, equals and friends with people from the front desk to the Boardroom
  • have wide experiences as leaders and managers and can express their experiences in ways that clients find interesting and insightful
  • accept the need to be constantly involved in marketing and sales efforts, even as they work with existing clients
  • are able to survive in a world of management consulting where financial ‘feasts and famines’ are both possible, at least over short periods

To support our Associates, RiskIQ:

  • links Associates together, enabling them to build lateral relationships that work best for them personally
  • provides shared on-line and other resources including access to powerful IP owned by RiskIQ
  • does not tell Associates how to work with clients, what tools to use, or what methods to apply. We live and work according to our shared values.
  • does not place constraints on who Associates work with or how, other than an expectation that we will all live by our shared values
  • does have some established management disciplines that make working together simpler, faster, easier and more effective for Associates and clients.
  • agrees tailored MOUs designed for a win-win, equal relationships
  • engages in academia, educational and other learning networks

RiskIQ’s network is both diverse and dispersed, with Associates and clients across Australia, in NZ and elsewhere.  Through its network and through the work it does, RiskIQ and its Associates are strongly connected both with emerging new applied systems thinking concepts and with the current and future needs of clients.