Our business model

RiskIQ, with its Associates, creates value and earns revenue when it enables leaders and organisations to succeed in the face of complexity:

  • Our clients gain unique value because they are better able to achieve important outcomes that otherwise would be beyond their capability.
  • Our Associates gain value though their engagement with like-minded professionals who are fun to work with, and by earning income for their contributions.
  • RiskIQ and its owners gain value through achievement of the RiskIQ mission and through financial profits generated.
  • Our community benefits from stronger, more sustainable organisations both private and public sector.

Creation of the value described above arises from a complex interaction of RiskIQ as an entity, RiskIQ Associates and RiskIQ’s clients.  Included in this system is a larger network of both individuals and organisations with whom RiskIQ and its associates also engage.   Examples include business partnerships and people in the extended networks of RiskIQ’s Associates.

Figure 1 below illustrates the RiskIQ business model from a value-creation perspective.

 Business model image for website

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This approach requires an environment that attracts both clients and Associates. Working in and on complexity is difficult and often feels risky for everyone involved.  The RiskIQ business model can only work when RiskIQ, its Associates and its client are able to establish intimate, trusting relationships that survive over time.