Staff – safely have your views heard; influence the workplace

In most organisations, what people experience in the workplace can offer important clues to performance improvement. This could range from unnecessarily cumbersome processes, compiling reports that are no longer read, budget constraints with unintended side effects, people with too much work, people with too little work, excessive pressure to get results and so on.

Risk IQ uses what people experience doing their work as part of the analysis to provide leaders with an impartial view on the areas in the organisation that require management attention or need to be improved or both.  This can help leaders understand where and how they can improve the performance of the organisation.

Very often, people either don’t, can’t or won’t say what these things are.  They may feel their voice won’t be heard, they may fear workplace or peer pressure, they may worry about losing their job, maybe they don’t know or don’t care about what’s going on, but whatever the reason, management and particularly senior management may not get an accurate and realistic picture of what could be improved in their organisations. Very often, information reaching them is filtered and with the scale of many large organisations, how do their reports judge what should or shouldn’t be fed to the corner office?

We collect feedback in several ways – using an anonymous, online tool which allows people to spell out what stops them doing their job or, where we are engaged by the organisation, in face to face interviews and or workshops.

If you would like to use the free survey tool, please contact us and we will set one up for your organisation. We generally need about one or two dozen people to respond in order to get a range of views that we can use to do the pattern analysis which will inform management where resources and attention need to be focused.