RiskIQ overview

RiskIQ exists to build a sustainable world that is good to live in.

We do this by working with leaders and organisations to help them to be the best they can be even though the world is a complex, uncertain and often ‘wicked’ place.  This is what we enjoy doing and it is what we are good at.  When we are not working with clients, expect to see us taking part in best practice forums, developing new models and thinking, and engaging in research.

RiskIQ combines powerful ideas and methods with capable experienced people who value and are committed to the RiskIQ approach and ethic.   Our Associates come from a wide range of disciplines because multiple perspectives, ideas and approaches are empowering for us and for our clients.  One thing we all share is applied systems thinking – the use of thinking, tools and methods to collaborate in real time with real leaders on their very real yet complex, messy challenges.

We value what we do, so we are keen to share this as widely as possible.  Based in Brisbane, we currently work across multiple Australian States and in New Zealand and have plans to expand much more broadly.

You can read more about RiskIQ and its people on this website, or feel free to contact us directly.  info@riskiq.com.au or +61 7 3325 4110.