RiskIQ is a consulting business whose core work is as a catalyst for effective risk leadership, decision making and performance in uncertain, complex environments.  It also has a large, diverse network of Associates capable of working on all governance, leadership, strategy, culture, and change challenges.
Our main office is in Brisbane and we have Associates in Sydney, Canberra, NZ, the USA, the Caribbean and in Cyprus.

Who we are

Dr. Richard Barber (Partner)   PhD, MBA, BE, qtc, psc

richard-191216With 30+ years in leadership roles including as a CEO, on Boards and in major projects, 8 years of PhD research and 15 years as a consultant to Boards and Executives, Dr Barber brings together theory and practice. His aim is to find and apply simple, clear approaches that work in practice to maximise success.

Neil Allan (Partner)   MBA, BSc, MICE, C.Eng, CDipAF, SIRM

Neil’s passion is to use applied systems thinking to unlock potential and provide insightful and holistic interventions for clients to improve sustained performance.  He arrived in Sydney after spending 12 years running a successful risk management consultancy in the UK. Neil is a founder and fellow of the Bristol University Systems Centre and is now a visiting academic at the universities of Bristol (UK), Canterbury (NZ) and Bath (UK).

Jeremy Kidner (Partner)   FIRM

jeremy-191216Jeremy Kidner has four decades of experience in risk management in the Police, corporate sectors. A Fellow of the Institute of Risk Management, he is a specialist in facilitating risk management in the construction industry with an emphasis on cost estimating and partnering.

Christine Flynn (Associate)   BA, Dip Ed, FAICD

christine-191216Christine Flynn has extensive experience in both the Queensland and Australian Public Services. Her key areas of expertise are organisational change management, strategy and senior executive leadership development. Christine is the Chairperson of Queenslanders Credit Union, is on the QUT Advisory Board and plays a key leadership role in the Institute of Public Administration (IPAA) Queensland.


Andrew Fox (Associate)   MPM, CPPD, PMP, MSP

andrew-191216Andrew is a very experienced project management consultant especially with the Commonwealth Government and has been an Executive in the Australian Public Service.  He has multiple professional certification in project management and is active in a number of professional bodies.   Andrew lectures at the University of South Australia and is undertaking a PhD in risk in complex projects.

Sue Locke (Associate)  DT, GAICD, FCIS, CPA, BS, FGIA, IECL

With over 35 years of experience, Sue has supported listed, private, public, and not-for-profit boards, providing advice from her ‘real-life practising director’ perspective.  She has a proven track record of designing & conducting plausible, surprise crisis simulation exercises for Executive Management.  Sue also led the crisis management effort for Citigroup’s Risk function during the 9/11 World Trade Centre disaster and its aftermath.

Dr. Erin Evans (Associate) PhD, MBA, BAppSc (Biotech) (Hons I)

Erin’s work focuses on developing organisational strategies, systems, and capabilities for leaders working in complex environments to make them more successful. She is a specialist educator, thought leader and consultant in systemic approaches to leadership, strategy and change management. Erin has worked internationally for 15 years with SMEs through to large multinationals, and Not for Profit (NFP) organisations to assist them in developing sustainable strategies to build on their unique strengths and deal with the challenges they face. Erin also has over 10 years serving on Boards internationally where she has led strategy development and overseen the implementation.

Sue Greig (Business Support Manager)   IAC

sue-colourSue is RiskIQ’s Business Support Manager. She has over 30 years of experience in the professional financial service and investment industries in the UK and Australia. Sue has held several management positions in client service and administration, including holding the position as Manager to the Client Service Centre for Australia’s second largest wholesale fund manager.

Dr. Garth Brittain (Affiliate)   PhD, MBA, BA, FAIM

Garth ImageGarth worked with the Swiss multinational Nestlé from 1982 to 2001, most recently holding the post of General Director and Senior Vice-President Zone Asia, Oceania, Africa for Perrier Vittel S.A. (now Nestlé Waters S.A.) based in Paris. Prior to that he had worked at senior management level in several countries across Asia and Switzerland. Garth is experienced in working with senior managers and their teams to conceive of and manage major strategic redirection and change projects, especially those which involve balancing multiple stakeholders or markets or conflicting short- and long-term demands, and with a particular emphasis on the cultural aspects of strategy and change.

Dr. Costas Konis (Affiliate)   PhD, C.Eng, MSc, BSc, Eur Ing

Dr Costas Konis is a systems thinker who combines unique engineering, management, strategy and innovation skills that have been applied to a variety of needs. Dr Konis has extensive experience in applying systemic approaches to complex problems both in the public and private sectors. He has served as the CEO of the Cyprus Technology Foundation introducing and managing important innovative and development projects.
Dr Konis is the founder and CEO of Innovage Consulting, his own boutique Consultancy firm, based in Cyprus, providing systems approach advice , training and services on risk management, innovative technologies, innovation and business growth.