We are a catalyst for success in complex, uncertain environments

RiskIQ lead contemporary, emerging best-practice approaches to risk in organisations, programs and projects.  These are inherently complex environments where process-based thinking and risk management approaches are at best ineffective.  When major failures occur there has almost always been a failure to recognise systemic root-causes of risk that could have been seen, understood and managed earlier.

RiskIQ’s own Systemic Risk Leadership (SRL) approach is a foundation for effective decisions in uncertainty at all levels of organisation and across all time-frames.  Using this approach, it is possible to find and manage previously hidden risks and to prioritise and optimise risk effort as a systemic whole rather than risk-by-risk.  Systemic Risk Analysis (SRA) is an element of Systemic Rsk Leadership.  It can be used to drive organisational development and as a vehicle for assessing the effectiveness of governance as a whole.

SRL requires a mind-set change by leaders.  While senior leaders have a critical role in strategic risk management they also need to build their organisation’s awareness, responsiveness, agility and resilience.  Since these characteristics are driven by complex, subtle factors including the way in which the leaders themselves operate, to do their work well executive leaders must be personally capable of recognising and accepting complexity and of applying action-learning principles.  It also requires that they have the courage and determination to deal with root-causes that are often difficult or uncomfortable for them and for others.