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Can organisations adapt ahead of change?

The Capability in Uncertainty (CIU) survey is an holistic assessment of an organisation’s readiness to deal with risk and uncertainty in its own unique context.

Based on 20 years of research into performance in uncertainty, the survey profile indicates where capability strengths and weaknesses lie.   Analysis of the survey results provides evidence of systemic root causes and the leverage points for change.

Leaders who want to discover where their organisation is now on its journey to be capable of a step change in performance, can do that surprisingly quickly and easily using the survey.

The first step is to recognise that capability in uncertainty does not arise from compliance to required standards, through clear applied policies or processes, or even though good governance by itself.  These are characteristics of well-functioning organisations, but assessing your organisation in those terms is not a good way to understand its ability to inquire, analyse, learn, innovate and perform in complex environments.

Instead, we need to consider whether or not an organisation displays the deeper underlying characteristics that enable open inquiry, challenging the status quo, evidence-based analysis, and applied systems thinking.  These are the root drivers of capability and high performance in uncertainty.

RiskIQ’s Capability in Maturity model and its associated survey together provide a powerful, rapid way to assess and understand the level of capability to adapt ahead of change for any organisation.

The survey provides an easily understood profile that allows leaders to see obvious challenges and strengths, and to focus further inquiry.  Deeper analysis of survey results identifies specific capability gaps and strengths, and enables decisions on where and how to work to on the whole organisation, to enhance its capability in an uncertain world. 

The CIU survey is just one of the key tools supporting RiskIQ’s Systemic Risk Intelligence Framework.   Using the survey is a great way to begin the journey to improved systemic risk intelligence and to making a step change in capability and performance.

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