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Special Offer

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Prior hindsight

Capability Bundle Offer

Massive 50% discount to the first 4 Organisations that apply for this offer

We are offering 4 organisations the opportunity to experience the learning courses that help develop the agility capability.

  • You will use and give feedback on 8 courses from the survey at a 50% price discount if you register before 30th July 2022.

  • The offer includes 2 full surveys, one at the start of the programme and one at the end, plus an analysis of where and how to improve proactive agility.

  • As a bonus, you will also get a half-day briefing by Dr Richard Barber on the Agile Organisational Systems Framework.

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Confidential contact details

We will use your details only to provide you with a report.
We'll keep them confidential and will never pass them to any 3rd party.

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