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Lead indicators of performance

Lead indicators of performance and insights into where and how to influence and change ‘business as usual’.

What is it?  

  • Systemic risk intelligence is the capability to see, understand and respond to hidden, subtle, systemic or emergent causes of  uncertainty long before they become a future crisis.

How do you obtain ‘systemic risk intelligence’?

  • The Systemic Risk Intelligence Framework is a structured approach that enables leaders and organisations continually build    systemic risk intelligence as an integral part of business-as-usual work.

  • It has five elements that work together to enable continuous capability improvement even while you get on with “business-as-usual”.

  • ‘Systemic Risk Leadership’ is a crucial starting point – nothing good happens without leadership. However, in our experience, the problems at this level are significant. How can we allude to this?

  • However the core of the framework are Lead Systems-Capability Feedback.  Without feedback on how well organisational systems are set up for future needs, even the best leaders can only guess what to work on.

  • Supporting this is a Systemic Enterprise Risk Management (SERM) framework for effective management of risk in complex environments.

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