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Self assessment - are we really leading in complexity?

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

We strongly recommend the short paper by Sonja Blignaut - see ( describing three habits of mind essential for working in and on complexity. The implications are intensely practical and meaningful for senior leaders.

We all need to ask ourselves whether our words, decisions and actions demonstrate that we:

· are genuinely open to new options, ideas, possibilities

· do the work needed for us to be situationally aware, to see the complexity

· are willing to take action in the face of ambiguity, uncertainty, gaps in understanding.

The first of these is crucial, since it can constrain the others. In RiskIQ we see evidence of this when leaders avoid external observation and feedback of their workplace behaviours as leaders. By doing so they avoid professional critique and fail to seize an opportunity to understand and break free from habits of mind and behaviours that constrain them and their organisation.

Where do you sit?

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