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Our Business Network

RiskIQ, with its Associates/Affiliates, creates value and earns revenue when it enables leaders and organisations to succeed in the face of complexity:

  • Our clients gain unique value because they are better able to achieve important outcomes that otherwise would be beyond their capability.

  • Our Associates gain value though their engagement with like-minded professionals who are fun to work with, and by earning income for their contributions.

  • RiskIQ and its owners gain value through achievement of the RiskIQ mission and through financial profits generated.

  • Our community benefits from stronger, more sustainable organisations in both public and private and sectors.


Creation of the value described above arises from a complex interaction of RiskIQ as an entity, RiskIQ Associates/Affiliates and RiskIQ’s clients.  Included in this system is a larger network of both individuals and organisations with whom RiskIQ and its Associates/Affiliates also engage.   Examples include business partnerships and people in the extended networks of RiskIQ’s Associates/Affiliates.

Our Team

RiskIQ, whose partners are Dr Richard Barber and Jeremy Kidner, have the capacity to deliver a diverse range of services due to its unique collaborative network of Associates and Affiliates who provide a personalised approach to every client commission.

Currently RiskIQ has 9 Associates/Affiliates based in Australia, USA, Cayman Islands and Cyprus. Each bringing a wealth of experience in the fields of complex project management, organisational development and change, leadership development, audit and risk management, learning and development, governance and strategic and business planning.

Dr. Richard Barber (Partner)

PhD, MBA, BE, GAICD, qtc, psc

Christine’s focus is on organisations, their people and how they perform.

She is highly experienced in the relational systems of organisation, strategy and planning, governance, organisational change, leadership development and human resources.

She is an experienced facilitator, presenter and coach known for her impact and her ability to constructively challenge and support senior staff using a positive balance of energy, humour, strength and directness.

Jeremy Kidner (Partner)


Erin’s work focuses on developing organisational strategies, systems, and capabilities for leaders working in complex environments to make them more successful.   She is a specialist educator, thought leader and consultant in systemic approaches to leadership, strategy and change management. 

Erin has worked internationally for 15 years with SMEs through to large multinationals, and Not for Profit (NFP) organisations to assist them in developing sustainable strategies to build on their unique strengths and deal with the challenges they face.  Erin also has over 10 years serving on Boards internationally where she has led strategy development and overseen the implementation.

With 30+ years in leadership roles including as a CEO, on Boards and in major projects, 8 years of PhD research and 15 years as a Consultant to Boards and Executives, Richard brings together theory and practice.
Richard's aim is to find and apply simple, clear approaches that work in practice for real leaders, in real time.

Christine Flynn (Associate)


Jeremy has four decades of experience in risk management in the Policing and Corporate sectors.

A Fellow of the Institute of Risk Management, he is a specialist in facilitating risk management in the construction industry with an emphasis on cost estimating and partnering.

Dr. Erin Evans (Associate) 

PhD, MBA, BAppSc Hons I (Biotech) 

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Anne Marie Troutman (Associate) 

B.A./B Soc Wk, Grad Dip Management (EDP), Grad Dip Business, CM AHRI 

Anne Marie started her career in health (acute, primary and community care) and social welfare (child protection and family violence) with professional qualifications in the social sciences.  She has gained extensive experience in understanding the dynamics of organisations and communities that lead to success or contribute to failure.  She has held senior executive level positions in public, private and not-for-profit organisations, has worked for one of the big four global consultancies in Australian, UK and Europe and has worked as a consultant for over 20 years.  She specialises in individual and organisational approaches to managing change and managing risk – providing coaching, facilitation, learning and development and self-discovery exercises for individual and organisational clients.

Her main industry foci have included health and human services (service delivery and strategy), defence and financial services. She loves working in complex environments which depend on complex systems.

Her approach is interactive and insightful, always with an eye to achieving objectives – personal and organisational.

John shares a passion with organisational executives to improve excellence in business delivery and performance through growth in maturity and  effective governance.

Through a career in organisational governance and management of business uncertainty, John has shared his leadership skills through facilitation, active conversations, mentoring and coaching with a variety of private and public sector organisations. He has invested in working with RiskIQ to support the dynamic thinking that is required to manage leadership and business uncertainty.

John has held senior positions within Queensland and NSW public sector organisations and a senior Risk Principal position with BHP Billiton Iron Ore supporting the management of risk across the many areas of the organisation.

John has also authored an advisory book on the management and leadership of licensed clubs in Australia.

John applies his skills in facilitation and guidance within organisations in the areas of risk management, business continuity management, health and safety and safety assurance in a variety of workplaces including road transport, rail operations and mining. He has worked with  Executive and management teams to support the development of governance and risk practice and to apply critical risk thinking.

John Irvine                (Associate)

MBA, Grad Dip Ed, B App Sc, MAIM,MRMIA

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Sue Greig                  (Business Support Manager)


Sue is RiskIQ’s Business Support Manager.  She has over 30 years of experience in the professional financial service and investment industries in the UK and Australia.

Sue has held several management positions in client service and administration, including holding the position as Manager to the Client Service Centre for Australia's second largest wholesale fund manager.

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Leigh Eldridge (Business Affiliate-Partnerships)

Ba Psych & Sociology, MBus

In addition to significant experience in business and management strategies and processes, Leigh thinks strategically, communicates with people about people issues, understands management and leadership, has a practical approach to business and to managing organisational change, is a skilled business facilitator, understands the context of issues and risk, has a well developed approach to governance and a clear insights into policy implementation.


Leigh’s knowledge, skills and abilities have been derived from extensive industry experience in both the private and public sectors, across many disciplines and industry sectors. Leigh has held positions as a Business and Management Consultant, General Manager, Director of NT government business, Human Resource Manager, Trainer, Training Manager, and Risk Manager.

Our Business Affiliates/Partnerships

RiskIQ and its Associates have a long term supportive, collaborative relationship with the Institute of Public Administration (IPAA) in Queensland and in the Northern Territory in particular.    Helping Public sector leaders and organisations to be effective has many flow-on benefits to society.  Consequently, RiskIQ continues to proactively support capability building and dialogue in the Public sector.  For example it hosts free lunchtime sessions on topics of interest, it actively participates in IPAA initiatives and RiskIQ also finds time to conduct IPAA sponsored events for Public Service staff in remote centres such as Alice Springs.

RiskIQ is an Associate Partner of ICCPM.  We have sponsored major ICCPM ‘applied systems thinking’ events and we continue to deliver the Risk and Decision Making module of ICCPM’s Cert IV in Responding to Organisational Complexity.  RiskIQ and ICCPM have also collaborated in innovative, long term research into improved approaches to governance in multi-party projects as complex systems.

RiskIQ is a member of SME Gateway.  We have a collaborative goal of improving access by large organisations such as Defence to innovative new thinking and practice, through engagement with SME that are leading their field.

RiskIQ is a member of Team Downer, under the newly implemented Defence Major Service Provider (MSP) panel arrangements.  It is hoped that working collaboratively, it will be possible to provide high-level modern risk management thinking and practice into Defence.

RiskIQ routinely collaborates with The Torchwood Group in the Northern Territory, in the provision of high-value risk management services not otherwise available in Darwin or the Northern Territory.

Dolphin Software and RiskIQ have worked together over a number of years, combining our talents to provide clients with whole, well-rounded support and services.  These are not limited to risk and to software.  Together we work in leadership, strategy, performance management, data analysis and feedback, and more.

Innovage Consulting is based in Cyprus.  It has been engaged with RiskIQ for over five years, seeking opportunities to make broader use of  RiskIQ’s unique thinking, practice and tools.

Come work with us

RiskIQ is a catalyst for very capable people to work together, to help clients get the best possible outcomes even when facing highly complex, difficult and ever ‘wicked’ challenges.  This is not easy work.  To make this possible, RiskIQ’s business model is focused on bringing highly capable together, with clients.  


Our Associates have choices and often have more than one workplace and work focus.  Some combine Board work with consulting, with looking after aged parents and with semi-retirement.   All RiskIQ Associates value flexibility, learning and change.  


In that context, an employment model would not work.  Instead RiskIQ has a network of Associates, linked by simple, clear MOUs that enable to work together to shared outcomes.  Our values also hold us together with a focus on win-win for clients, Associates and RiskIQ as a business.


RiskIQ Associates are united through a common commitment to mutual professional growth, high ethical standards, and a unique collaborative business model through which Associates deliver excellent service, improved value and better outcomes for all stakeholders. 


Associates of RiskIQ are attracted to it because it helps them to work with other capable, collegial professionals who are often also friends.   At the heart of this is shared ethos and shared values.

Our RiskIQ Associates:

  • understand that the world is complex and that we cannot control everything that matters

  • value taking a ‘soft-systems’ thinking view of complex challenges

  • use practical, useful ‘ tools and methods that real leaders can apply to good effect, in real time

  • are happy to work as professional colleagues, equals and friends with people from the front desk to the Boardroom

  • have wide experiences as leaders and managers and can express their experiences in ways that clients find interesting and insightful

  • accept the need to be constantly involved in marketing and sales efforts, even as they work with existing clients

  • are able to survive in a world of management consulting where financial ‘feasts and famines’ are both possible, at least over short periods


To support our Associates, RiskIQ:

  • links Associates together, enabling them to build lateral relationships that work best for them personally

  • provides shared on-line and other resources including access to powerful IP owned by RiskIQ

  • does not tell Associates how to work with clients, what tools to use, or what methods to apply.We live and work according to our shared values.

  • does not place constraints on who Associates work with or how, other than an expectation that we will all live by our shared values

  • does have some established management disciplines that make working together simpler, faster, easier and more effective for Associates and clients.

  • agrees tailored MOUs designed for a win-win, equal relationships

  • engages in academia, educational and other learning networks

RiskIQ’s network is both diverse and dispersed, with Associates and clients across Australia, in NZ and elsewhere.  Through its network and through the work it does, RiskIQ and its Associates are strongly connected both with emerging new applied systems thinking concepts and with the current and future needs of clients.