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September 25, 2019

Making great decisions in risk averse, difficult organisational environments

When we make decisions we often need to deal with with diverse views and interests and with policies, rules and processes that limit options and slow us down.  Risk aversion, silos of thinking and behaviour and hidden biases conspire to hold us back.


In a previous RiskIQ lunchtime session, we discussed a process for making decisions when facing complex situations and challenges.  In this session we will start from that process, to see how we can use it to make great decisions even when facing the constraints noted above.


Bring and share your own ideas and experience of decision-making and how to deal with the constraints of red tape and risk aversion.   How can we move faster, better despite the apparent roadblocks?

FREE Afternoon Conversation


December 12, 2018

Making the best possible decisions when facing complex challenges

When we face new challenges, complexities and uncertainties, simple rules or using experience may not be enough.  Our usual rules, processes or templates may lead to sub-optimal outcomes and we may even be blindsided later by a serious failure or disaster that in hindsight was avoidable.

In this session RiskIQ will provide a focused, clear “decision support inquiry process” for doing the work needed for the best decision to be possible.  We’ll use a familiar local challenge/problem as a case study and apply the process live.

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October 16, 2018

Decision making in complexity


“Decision making” is a wide topic. We all make decisions every day. When we experience a degree of complexity to either make or get a decision made, we often need to deal with diverse views and interests. This is even more so when public servants have to take into consideration varying stakeholder views.

Bring you own ideas and experience of decision- making processes. From this session you will take away a process to apply in practice, in simple, complicated and complex contexts.

Queensland Health "System Performance Reporting (SPR)" Conference



August 8-10, 2018

RiskIQ was a sponsor and presenter at this important health system conference, attended by almost 1,000 Queensland health professionals.

We also conducted an on-line conference survey on lead indicators of health system performance.

See our blog on system viability lead indicators of performance

Conversations at the conference.  RiskIQ’s team of applied systems thinking professionals included:
Christine Flynn
Dr Erin Evans
Jeremy Kidner
Anne Marie Troutman
Dr Richard Barber
Supported by Sue Greig

Richard Barber explains an applied systems thinking case study to Susan Smith from The Prince Charles Hospital.

FREE Afternoon Conversation


June 01, 2018

FREE Afternoon Conversation

Alice Springs

May 16, 2018

Practical implications of changes to risk standard ISO 31000


ISO31000 has just been updated and reissued
(in Feb 18).  It will quickly become the standard reference for risk management in both the private sector and for State and Federal Government.

Dr Richard Barber from RiskIQ will introduce the changes and talk about the opportunity they present in common sense, practical terms.  This will not be a “Risk Management 101” and will be designed to provoke ideas for easier, better practice

Modern Risk Management Masterclass

Alice Springs

May 17, 2018


Reinventing risk management to be simpler, more focused and more value-adding

This one-day workshop is for leaders and for risk and governance professionals who want the management of risk to be more powerful, practical and valuable for their organisations or projects.

Afternoon Workshop


November 16, 2017

“Why are large complex Government systems so hard to manage and make sustainable?”

Few Queenslanders fully appreciate the size, scope and complexity of the systems that their Government manages for them such as health, transport and education.  
Yet for policy-makers, leaders and managers, the complexity is very clear indeed. Government resources are finite, so managing competing demands from these systems is a critical governance issue. 
This session will be a wide ranging, moderated conversation around the common patterns and dynamics of large, complex, government controlled systems.  

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November 16, 2017


“Lost in the middle – what is really going on?”

It is often said that change in large organisations, whether public or private sector, tends to fail “in the middle”.  Despite clear top-down direction and intent, and apparently well-considered strategies, changes can lose their way somewhere between senior leaders and the front desk.
Even if this is true, the reasons and how to deal with them are not clear.  It is a failure of leadership?  If so, at what level?   What else is going on and to what extent are the underlying causes the same in different organisations?
This session will be a quick “deep dive” into these questions, using the experience of participants to seek out patterns both in what is happening, why, and how best to ensure that future change initiatives don’t experience this challenge.

Executive Breakfast


November 16, 2017


"Dealing well with sudden imposed changes in direction”

The Facilitators will introduce the topic by exploring the nature of the leadership challenges posed by sudden imposed changes in direction.  Participants views will be sought on how success is judged in such circumstances. 
Some practical approaches to rapid problem inquiry and strategy development will be presented and discussed. Participants will be invited to share what works and what doesn’t.

Executive Breakfast


September 29, 2017


Estimating project cost outcomes with confidence

Richard will facilitate a conversation about the root causes and the systemic drivers of poor project cost estimates. This will be followed by suggestions and discussion on practical responses to the challenges posed.
There will be a focus on how to challenge biases in cost inputs through conversations with stakeholders, and on quantitative methods such as Monte Carlo simulation.

Executive Breakfast


August 29, 2017

Executive Breakfast


August 25, 2017

Applied Systems Thinking Disruptive approaches for success in a disruptive world

The Facilitators will introduce practical systems thinking methods, ideas, and tools readily available to leaders working in complexity. They will then speak briefly about several examples of systemic work in NZ, in the NT and elsewhere, and will pose questions for open conversation on the topic and respond to questions relating to challenges highlighted by the participants.




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