What We Do

We offer a range of services to help senior leadership teams develop the capability of their organisation to withstand the shocks to their systems, respond to changes in the environments and consistently implement the right decisions in their context. 


We work with recognised leaders in GRC, data and analysis to provide the best of business intelligence to forward thinking leaders.  


Systemic Risk Management

Access the skills which will embed risk work in core decision making processes, and support them with applied system thinking and tools.


Governance of Complex Projects and Programs

Increase the success of complex programs and projects by establishing mechanisms for system-wide review and feedback. Find and manage hidden and emergent sources of risk, particularly in multi-enterprise undertakings.


Systemic Investigations and Reviews

Develop deeper and clearer evidence-based insights into the root causes of critical events or situations.


Organisational Development and Design

Understand your organisation as a complex system to create a clear, evidence-based vision and plan for its development to meet future needs. Establish and apply lead performance indicators to ensure ongoing improvement.


Organisational Diagnostic Health Checks

Identify the deep root-causes of how your organisation, program or project is performing and where to focus effort for sustained performance improvement.


Leadership Development and Support

RiskIQ educates, trains, mentors and coaches leaders at all levels in how to work in and on organisations and projects as complex human systems. This capability is critical to success in today’s fast-changing world.

Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC)

We work with Metricstream to offer proven GRC systems for large organisations.


Virtual CRO

Contact us for an assessment of your risk management through the eyes of a Chief Risk Officer. Start with an assessment of your Governance Risk and Compliance model.


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