The Problem We Solve

Senior leaders are accountable for decisions made in their organisations, particularly when things go wrong.  They don’t have the time to do more than rely on a Governance, Risk and Compliance system which more often than not, does not deal with the deep root causes of failures, or worse, repeated failures. They have to rely this system to protect their assets from loss, their IT systems from attack, they need it to be  ‘efficient’ and be effectively implemented by large numbers of people operating in multiple ‘silos’ with competing objectives and hidden agendas. At the same time and more likely required to ‘deliver results’. As any bank CEO will tell you, there are multiple things that can, and do go wrong.

The ‘solutions’ to all of this include enterprise risk management, business process re-engineering and automation, agile teams, big data and all of these and more. Evidence suggests that current risk management process-driven approaches will not deal with complex, interconnected, hidden and emergent risks.

A classic example might be the Government needing to appoint a Royal Commission to find out why consistent systemic problems impacted Australian banks leading to significant failures to provide services to their customers.And it came up with XX of things that were wrong. 

What tends to be missing from all this is an understanding of what capabilities are required to integrate all of this into a safe, efficient and effective organisation in the context in which it operates.  This requires capabilities that take governance, risk and compliance well beyond accepted best practice and include capabilities that improve human activity in systems, how people think, how they make decisions and how they work together, even across other systems. These capabilities can be mapped and developed for the organisation as a whole right down to the individuals and teams.

This is what RiskIQ does – we support and guide organisations to enable them  to consistently implement the right decisions in context. Rather than actions requiring scrutiny after the event, Risk IQ will support your organisation to look at the complex risks (which, by their nature unknown and unknowable) and help your organisation to develop capability to use key lead indicators to unearth and deal with these risks in advance. 

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