Why People Work With Us

We are recognised experts in applied systems thinking and we have been doing this for two decades. However, more to the point, we have experienced the problems of managing risk in many organisations as managers, executives and consultants in defence, health, utilities, engineering companies, construction, property development, Federal and State governments in Australia. We experienced firsthand and many times over the frustration of applying ‘Best Practice’ which didn’t take account the ‘human activity’ in the system or have a way to deal with what hadn’t happened or simply couldn’t be predicted like interrelated risks. 

Dr Barber’s research led to what he described as ‘Internally Generated Risks’, and our subsequent work confirmed the subtle but powerful capabilities that were essential to being able to respond effectively to unknown risk (or ‘uncertainty’ as we tend to describe it). We found these to be a consistent barrier to performance so much so that we have been able to predict with some certainty just how effectively organisations will respond to uncertainty. You can see the ‘Essential Capabilities Survey’ here. The survey enables Senior Leadership Teams to accurately assess how capable people see their organisation of dealing with uncertainty, where they think it should be and, crucially, where strategically the SLT thinks it is and should be. As with all our work, you are the ‘drivers’.

We hold academic and institutional qualifications. We teach this at university level and with the International Centre for Complex Project Management (ICCPM). 

Dr Richard Barber holds a PhD in (Applied Systems Thinking) and developed the tools and the knowledge which forms the basis of our work. (LinkedIn Profile)

Jeremy Kidner is a Certified Fellow of the Institute of Risk Management (UK) with experience in the Police, Retail and Construction Corporations in Hong Kong and two decades of consulting experience. (LinkedIn Profile)


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