Consistently Implement the Right Decisions in Context

Our focus is to give CEO’s confidence that their accountability for decisions over which they have no direct control, no detailed knowledge and are affected by unpredictable events, will stand scrutiny, even after the event.  Read more

The journey to this level of capability involves two step changes above what is considered ‘Best Practice. Read more.

1. Use our virtual CRO to assess your Governance, Risk and Compliance model.

2. Complete the survey to see where and how to break through the performance barrier.

3. Learn how systemic organisations sense and respond to change in real time and use risk to create opportunity.

We are recognised experts in applied systems thinking and we have applied this in many organisations over the last two decades. Read more.

Richard Barber holds a PhD in (Applied Systems Thinking) and developed the tools and the knowledge which forms the basis of our work. (LinkedIn Profile)

Jeremy Kidner is a Certified Fellow of the Institute of Risk Management (UK) with extensive risk management experience and two decades of consulting experience. (LinkedIn Profile)

How capable is your organisation?

Get an accurate view of how capable people think the organisation is, how capable it should be and highlight differences in thinking across the organisation and an opportunity to see if, where and how improvements can be made by completing the Essential Capability Survey. To find out more, click here.

What we do

We offer a range of services to help senior leadership teams develop the capability of their organisation to withstand the shocks to their systems, respond to changes in the environments and consistently implement the right decisions in their context. Click here for more details.


We have worked in or with government organisations (Federal, State), defence procurement, defence contractors, health, construction, property developers, town planning, aviation, in large organisations and small.

Case Studies

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