RiskIQ has a library of knowledge which we make available through a variety to training courses from Master Classes to Team Training and Board Briefings.

RiskIQ Advanced Risk Leadership Library


1. Risk fundamentals
1.1    Fundamentals of risk in a complex world
1.2    Risk assumptions, definition and principles
1.3    Vulnerability and threat
1.4     The language of risk in complexity
Readings supporting this topic
•    Paper: “A systems approach to risk management”
•    Paper: “Why ASNZS4360 is not enough”
•    Paper: “Internally generated risk in projects”

2. Risk leadership
2.1    Introduction to risk leadership
2.2    Risk leadership work
2.3    The RiskIQ Performing Leadership Framework
Readings supporting this topic
•    Article: “Emotionally savvy leadership”
•    Article: “Leadership Development Framework”

3. Risk culture and capability
3.1    Risk culture and capability overview
3.2    Risk capability model
3.3    Strategic risk culture maps

4. Risk challenges for leaders
4.1    Risk challenges overview
4.2    Biases and overconfidence
4.3    Dealing with sensitive risks

4.4    Finding and taking opportunities

4.5    Opportunity mapping (plus audio tutorial)

4.6    Problem approach process (plus audio tutorial)

4.7    Finding root causes (in first draft)

5. Quantitive risk techniques
5.1    Quant techniques overview
5.2    Introduction to quantitative techniques
5.3    Estimating project costs

5.3.1 Example Case Study Report

6. Risk inquiry
6.1    Introduction to risk inquiry
6.2    Risk inquiry:
6.3.1 Using interviews

6.3.2 Using workshops

6.3.3 Using surveys

6.4    Collating qualitative risk data

6.5    Basic risk mapping (plus audio tutorial)

6.6    Essential capabilities mapping (plus audio tutorial)

6.7    Extended risk map concepts

7. Optimising the overall response to risk
7.1    Optimising the response to risk - overview
7.2    Risk interrelationships maps
7.3    Risk relationships analysis

7.3.1 Template

7.3.2 Example

7.4    Risk treatment pattern analysis

7.4.1 Template

7.4.2 Example

7.5    Systemic risk analysis

Readings for this module:
•    Paper: “A systems toolbox for risk managers”

8. Recording and reporting risks
8.1    Recording and reporting risks overview
8.2    Risk profile diagrams (plus audio tutorial)
8.3    3-D risk prioritisation charts

8.4    Systemic risk responses registers

8.5    Improved risk registers

9. Risk governance
9.1    Risk governance overview
9.2    Risk policy 
9.3    Uses of Systemic Risk Analysis (SRA)

9.4    An holistic risk management process analysis

9.5    The RiskIQ Risk Leadership Framework

10. Case studies
10.1    Generic Government Case Study:
DCSD - Department of Crazy Space Development 

•    Scenario
•    Strategic risk map(s)
•    Risk relationships matrix
•    Risk treatment patterns analysis

Other case studies developed separately for each client


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