Systems Leadership Support
(Support Services for Systems Change Leadership)

Changing systems requires a change in thinking.  We educate, train, mentor, coach and facilitate to help achieve this change in how people think individually and collectively.

The following illustration shows why we need to change how people think.

Support Services for systems change diag

Each support service can be accessed via the links.

RiskIQ is involved with the Queensland University of Technology (QUT), the International Centre for Complex Project Management (ICCPM) and the Institute of Public Administration Australia (IPAA). 

RiskIQ has a library of knowledge which we make available through a variety to training courses from Master Classes to Team Training and Board Briefings.

We find that much of what we do is not only new but hard to understand in the first instance. The main reasons for this are that most management training does not provide the tools and skills for navigating complexity. 

RiskIQ’s facilitation services fall into at least two stages – the essential face to face work with groups to draw out ideas, assumptions, opinions and so on and then the analysis of what that could mean for the organisation. The latter is NOT simply a workshop report (although we do provide one), but includes the deeper insights that come from our approach. We facilitate to enable powerful change.