RiskIQ sees a barrier to performance caused by uncertain, emerging, interrelated and complex challenges. The symptoms of stress include crises, firefighting and other problems and a fall-off in performance as we apply more processes and red tape, which tend to make things worse. It’s not unlike walking into a glass door - walking faster doesn’t help.


The barrier tends to be because we can’t see or easily predict exactly how the system will respond, for example, when interrelated events cause “unintended consequences”, or someone “changes the goal posts”.  Furthermore, we have to have a collective response, not unlike asking people to run not just a three-legged, but a multi-legged race. We need a new way of thinking.

The first step is to assess how people rate their organisation’s capability to respond as a whole. We have developed the “Performance in Uncertainty” survey to provide this lead indicator. This will provide “prior hindsight” into the hidden causes of under-performance. We also have a range of educational and support tools to build capability. Or in terms of our analogy, getting an effective, collective response.